First International Call for Startups Applications

LAB+ Venture Builder, an initiative promoted by the Institut Pasteur de Montevideo with the financial and know-how contribution of the investment banking firm FICUS Advisory, is now launching an international call to bring together in 2023 research & innovator group leaders willing to create Startups with a remarkable goal in life sciences and in the promotion of “One Health”.

Typically, funding will support disruptive research aiming to discover and further develop relevant life sciences-derived products or services with the potential to pursuit intellectual property protection and commercialization of the invention. We focus on revolutionary projects playing at the intersection of medicine, biology & technology to improve the well-being of humans, animals & the environment. Potential focus of proposals includes —but are not limited to— Healthcare, Medtech, Drug discovery and Pharma, Diagnostics & Biotech, Agtech & Foodtech with potential for global rollout and impact.

The awards are for scientists/entrepreneurs having an extensive training in research (PhDs, MDs, Chemists, Engineer) who have a revolutionary idea, an exciting and original research & development project, with commercial or high socio-economic potential. Actual or near future intellectual property is mandatory.


The following proposal’s features will be considered for the evaluation:

  • Highly innovative technology with solid scientific foundations.
  • Well-defined, feasible and achievable objectives for the defined project period.
  • Clear definition of the market problem addressed by the research and analysis of the market potential.
  • Understanding of the current state of the art in intellectual property.
  • Motivated teams with outstanding scientific careers and a great willingness to work as a multidisciplinary team and in an enjoyable way

LAB+ will strongly encourage, support and value research collaboration with our already established groups as a mechanism to potentiate innovative research.

Awards for each startup include funding, a top-notch science ecosystem and deep international business and entrepreneurial experience on how to build, operate, fund and grow a world-class company. Teams selected will go through a progress & de-risking model, stage-gated, evolutionary and networked. The funding amount and the developmental stage of the project in agreement with the de-risking model will be assign in accordance to the proposal evaluation made by the scientific, financial and investment structure of LAB+ (as a general indicator, seed money for mature projects will be up to US$ 750 K for a 2 years’ period). Laboratory facility (30 mts2) and open access to the IP Montevideo core facilities will be possible in a limited number of projects where our core infrastructure may be of paramount importance for Startup development.


The selection of applications includes a four-step process: click here

1) Screening and Selection

2) LAB+ Staff analysis and co-working

3) Due Diligence

4) Investment Committee.


To apply:

Candidates must complete the following on-line form with non-confidential information:



December 15, 2022


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