A novel way to modulate inflammation

Cancer treatment


30% of cancer patients undergoing checkpoint immunotherapies are refractory or develop resistance to the treatment, representing a key unmet medical need. These breakthrough therapies are expected to offer immense opportunities for emerging biotech protagonists, due to nearing patent expirations.


ARDAN PHARMA is developing BORITINIB, a First-in-Class immunotherapy that increases the efficacy of checkpoint immunotherapies by 40% in colon, lung cancer, and metastatic melanoma preclinical models. Its target selection relies on its capacity to modulate anti-tumor responses while simultaneously promote tumor-cell-death, enabling synergic clinical combinations with current targeted and immunotherapies.


María VarelaCEO, Co-Founder. Biochemist, Udelar. Science & Business Biotech, MIT.

Marcelo HillCSO, Co-Founder. MD, PhD, Immunologist. Laboratory of Immunoregulation and Inflammation (mixed unit between IP Montevideo and Faculty of Medicine, Udelar).

Pablo OppezzoCHOO, Co-Founder. PhD, Immunologist. Laboratory of Research in Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (IP Montevideo).


William Mann – Board Director. PhD, MBA, COO at Neubase Therapeutics.

Gerardo Marchesini – Board Director. PhD, MBA, Partner at CITES; Life Sciences Investment Manager at European Investment Fund.


Nicolas Tognalli – Advisor. PhD, MBA, Managing Partner at CITES S.A.

Silvina García Rubio – Advisor. PhD, VP at Crinetics Pharmaceuticals.

Venture Builder Company: Center for Technology, Social & Business Innovation (CITES.S.A.) Seed Investment.