Drug discovery company pursuing targeted compounds for metabolic diseases


  • Obesity and its associated pathologies, mainly type II diabetes (DT2) and cardiovascular diseases (CVD) are considered one of the greatest health challenges of the 21st century, since they constitute the main cause of morbidity and mortality worldwide.
  • 300 million global cases of T2D are expected to by 2025.


EOLO Pharma is a pharmaceutical company focused on the development of novel therapies for cardiometabolic, neurodegenerative and autoimmune disorders, and has 60 non-conventional anti-inflammatory drugs under development that tackle the signalling cascades that play important pathogenic roles in different inflammation related diseases.

The company also holds global patents based on over 15 years of scientific data developed by the founders.


María Pía Garat – CEO, Co-founder. Engineer in Biotechnology, postgraduate from IE Business School.

Carlos Batthyány – CMO, Board Member, Co-founder. MD, PhD, Head of Institut Pasteur de Montevideo, Specialist in analytical biochemistry, pharmacology & Drug Development.

Carlos Escande – CSO, Co-founder. PhD, Specialist in preclinical research in obesity & metabolic diseases.

Virginia López – CCO, Co-founder. Specialist in organic synthesis, drug development & medicinal chemistry.


Claudio Pietra – Preclinical, tox expert.

Daniel Ganley – CMC.

Riccardo Spezia – Senior Statistician.

Neil Thomas – Business development.


Nicolás Tognali – Board Member.

Roland Haag – Board Member.

Paul Elberse – Board Member.


Website: Eolo-pharma.com