Turning viruses into anti-cancer nanoweapons
Improving the lives of cancer patients through synthetic RNA viral technologies


Cancer is a major global public health challenge. The World Health Organization reports that cancer is the second leading cause of death worldwide accounting for more than 10 million deaths in 2021. By 2040, the disease is expected to affect more than 30 million people annually. Current cancer therapies typically involve a combination of surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy and targeted treatments tailored to the type and stage of cancer. However, traditional approaches such as chemotherapy and radiation therapy have limitations, including narrow therapeutic margins and significant side effects. Radical surgery offers the best chance of cure, but many solid tumors are not amenable to it. Recent breakthroughs in cancer immunology have led to the development of checkpoint inhibitor-based immunotherapies. Despite their promise, more than 40% of patients with eligible cancers do not respond to these treatments. While advances have improved survival rates, access to quality cancer care remains unequal. As a result, cancer remains a major global health burden, underscoring the urgent need for innovative therapeutic solutions.


Guska presents a versatile platform for developing solutions based on synthetic RNA oncolytic virus therapy. Our innovative approach harnesses the power of synthetic RNA viruses to deliver potent and safe immunostimulatory effects, effectively targeting the core challenges of current cancer therapies. Engineered to selectively infiltrate and destroy cancer cells while preserving healthy tissue, our synthetic RNA viruses also stimulate a robust immune response, enhancing the body's natural ability to combat tumor cells.


Gonzalo Moratorio – Founder
Virologist (PostDoc training at the Virology department of the Institut Pasteur Paris) PhD in Molecular & Cellular biology; (IP Montevideo and Udelar).
Juan Pablo Tosar foto
Pilar Moreno – Co-Founder
PhD in Molecular & Cellular biology; Biochemist (Udelar and IP Montevideo).
Fabián Aldunate - Lab Staff
Medical Doctor, Molecular & Cellular biology; Biochemist (Udelar and IP Montevideo).
Joaquín Hurtado – Lab Staff
MSc. in Molecular & Cellular biology; Biochemist (Udelar and IP Montevideo).