Cancer is the second leading cause of death worldwide, accounting for an estimated of 10 million deaths, or one in six deaths, in 2018. This burden continues to grow globally, exerting tremendous physical, emotional and financial strain on individuals, families, communities and health systems. Unfortunately, many cancers remain incurable despite recent advances in radio-, chemo-, and immunotherapy; leaving an urgent need to design novel strategies to fight a disease that is expected to affect over 29 million lives per year by 2040.


A new frontier to combat this burden is to develop viruses into anticancer weapons. SynVax is a proprietary synthetic engineered enterovirus platform improved in tumor-tropism and safety, whose oncolytic and immunotherapeutic capacity has already been demonstrated in tumor-cell lines from liver, lung and pancreas. In addition, its delivery can be achieved intratumorally alone or in combination with immune checkpoint inhibitors, resulting in significant treatment improvements, and its dual mechanism of action, makes Synvax an ideal partner for combination not only with immune checkpoint inhibitors but with other immune-oncology agents.


Gonzalo Moratorio, PhD, Founder and CSO

Pilar Moreno, PhD, Co-founder and CTO

Agustín Correa, PhD, Scientific Advisor in protein engineer.